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6 Home Design Trends of 2018

Old World Custom Homes dedicated Design Team spends countless hours each week turning their clients inspiration photos into their dream homes. Needless to say they’ve seen a lot of ideas in their day – we like to say they are Northern Ohios own styling team! Below they share their 6 favorite trends for 2018.


Mixed Metals

The use of one finish on fixtures throughout a home is out! A playful mix of metal finishes on fixtures, appliances, lighting and decor brings character and charm to each individual space. Combining Stainless Steel appliances with Antique Brass lights or Chrome faucets and Matte Black door hardware are just a couple examples of how mixing finishes creates more depth to a space.


Modern Influence

The simplicity of modern design creates a calming Zen like experience in our increasingly busy world. Clean straight lines, squared openings, and muted colors create spaces that are naturally calming.


Geometric Shapes

Geometric patterns, whether big and bold or small and subtle, play perfectly well off the straight lines of modern design. They can add a punch of color or just a subtle texture in tile floors and kitchen backsplashes; the juxtaposition of these elements aid to that wow factor in today’s modern design.


Secluded Spaces in Open Plans

Open concept design is nothing new, but with the realization of how noise travels through a space, we have begun adding what we call ‘away rooms’ for more private settings in an otherwise open space. Including a semiclosed space adjacent to the main living area provides the perfect place to get away and cozy up with a book or your iPad while having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.


Family Entertaining Spaces

The kitchen continues to be the most important focus for family togetherness, but we’ve seen quite a bit more focus on a dedicated space for family entertainment. From indoor basketball courts to game rooms to home theaters, family fun night has taken on a whole new meaning in our designs.


Flex Spaces

The home office has become a key focus for providing more flexibility in a home. Having access to a full bath, adding murphy beds, walk-in closets for toy storage, etc. The home office is providing the perfect opportunity to plan around multi-generational living or a kids game room on the main level of the home.

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